WordPress Plugins

Best plugins for your blog

Best plugins for your blog

There are numerous plugins to increase the useability and functionality of WordPress.  Here are eleven of the best ones. All of the ones I use are indispensable and free!

  1. Akismet: Stops and catches spam comments.  An excellent plugin that everyone should use.
  2. Jetpack: Brilliant plugin that does many things including visitor counts and email subscription.  It has inbuilt sharing and printing options, a mobile theme for your blog, writing and grammar help and much more.
  3. WP Supercache: Speeds up your blog by storing a static html file for your visitors.
  4. All in one SEO pack:    It optimizes your blog for the search engines.  All in one SEO pack gives you many options including descriptions and keywords for individual posts as well as pages and the blog as a whole.
  5. Slick social share buttons: Floating or sliding social share buttons.
  6. Editorial calendar  Makes planning and writing your blog posts easy.  With it you can schedule and write posts far in advance and drag and drop them for easy placement.
  7. WP-optimize: Speeds up and reduces your blogs memory use and size.
  8. WP smush.it : Optimizes photos sizes automatically.
  9. Google XML sitemaps: Generates an xml sitemap to help your blog be indexed by search engines.
  10. WP complete backup: Easy way to back up your blog.
  11. Nrelate:  Popular post plugin that has nice style options.


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