Travel Love: Morocco

Travel Love:  Morocco

Visiting Marrakech

Marrakech is a sensory riot:  the tang of spices, the warm desert air against your face, music , food and dancing monkeys.  One must not forget the dancing monkeys.  And the blue! I have never seen blue like that.  Blue in the sky and blue in the paint of the gardens. Twilight is beautiful.  Daylight falls from the square and lamp by lamp it becomes another world.

I wandered through it alone with my camera and my curiosity.  Being a woman alone I was called in by the female stall sellers more often. I had my hand painted in henna; beautiful intricate spirals. A group of Berber tribeswomen wearing veils called mandeels pulled me over and sat me down on a plastic stool.  One all in black proceeded to read my palm.  She didn’t speak English, so when she proclaimed what she saw another tribeswoman translated it into French, then another into broken faltering English: a game of Moroccan whispers.

“Two years- you will be married”, one said.  “Three kids. Very happy.”

They all nodded at me smiling. It was just like a visit to see my older female relatives.  I love seeing the relationships of women in Muslim countries.  So often when I’m travelling they are hidden from tourist areas where it’s mostly men walking around and working in the shops and hotels there. They stay in groups, like these Berber tribes women.  And although they are dressed differently than what I’m used to they are always still essentially Woman. We gossip, we talk. We communicate. We have our own language: the practical womanhood, talk of private family matters, talk of friends, matters of life and matters of death, of marriage and babies. Advice, arguments, common sense -the conversation of women.

These women were out earning money for their families.  They read palms and tarot cards and paint henna on tourists’ hands and walk in blistering sun and desert winds but they are still the same.  Women.

And behind it all- paused- was The Conversation.  And it is the same conversation the world over. The clothes don’t matter, the language doesn’t matter; wherever or whoever you are, The Conversation is always the same.

And don’t forget the blue…

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I will be doing a round-up of Morocco themed crafts so check back soon:)

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