Tattoo Inspiration 2

Beautiful tattoos

Tattoo inspiration:  Rainbow coloured, red, blue and geometric styles, these tattoos are only some of the wonderful tattoo styles and designs that you can find.  I adore watercolour style tattoos- I think they are absolutely beautiful and I pin every one I find.  Single colour tattoos like the red and blue ones here are really growing on me.  Their delicate simplicity is really appealing.  At this rate I will never decide on my next tattoo design but it’s still fun to look at other people’s artistic choices.

Red Tattoo inspiration

1. By Raisedfromthedead1 ,  / 2.From Here / 3. Fox by IVANA BELAKOVA /4. By Eric Jenks at Fish Ladder Tattoo

Colour Tattoos

1. painted rainbow tattoo koji the freak /2. Music Tattoo /3. Girl from here /4. Da Vinci Tattoo

Blue Tattoos

1. From Here (Still searching for the original) / 2. blue flower by LUKASZ BAM KACZMAREK /3. Blue birds from sharonnzcoffeelounge /4. Blue back by GRISHA MASLOV

Geometric Tattoos

1. From here/ 2. By Marie Kraus/ 3. By Nazareno Tubaro,/ 4. Roxx

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