Sculpture In Context 2012


Even through torrential rain The Botanic Gardens in Dublin is still beautiful.  The Victorian green houses and giant ferns are glorious in a faded decadence and the rambling gardens are restful, even if damp. The exhibition Sculpture in Context 2012 is displayed all around the grounds and indoors in the gallery and highlights established and up and coming artists.  The variety is amazing and I would really recommend paying a visit if you can – preferably on a sunny day:)

Aves Camelopardalis (Joy McGovern) is by far my favourite of the pieces: delicate and dark and oddly beautiful I need it for my living room:D Nest of Small Dragon Eggs is made of porcelain which is paper-thin and glowing.  Pollen Count (Patricia Rafferty) are beautifully worked ceramic pieces set in plexiglass. Odd 1437 (Sinead Marie Harris) is made up of 1437 odd socks! I love how textural it is in person and it looked sooo inviting after trooping around in the rain for hours.

See more of the exhibition on my Flickr

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