Quitting Coca Cola

It's February. The long cold January is over and now it's the slightly shorter cold February. Sorry for the long delay between posts. I've been preoccupied with creative writing classes, taking an online course in children's writing and giving up coca-cola.

Tips for giving up soft drinks

Replace it with something else. For example, I used flavoured waters and other tasty drinks. I tried to trick my brain into thinking i wasn't loosing anything and I was just gaining a new delicious habit.
For the first few weeks I was very tired. I took copious amounts of naps and felt like doing nothing. I was so close to taking coke back up- I began to think I couldn't function without it; that the energy was worth the negative health effects.

But coke is a big fat liar!

My energy came back- proper energy – not tiredness or drowsiness. No sugar crashes and caffeine headaches. No more not being able to function without caffeine in the morning.

Results of quitting coca-cola

I am calmer and more relaxed. I sleep better and have a better quality of sleep. I am loosing weight and feel less bloated and uncomfortable. I don't feel chained to caffeine and sugar.

This year I have begun to improve my life and lifestyle. First to go were the cigarettes; the big bad of unhealthy vices. Then the soft drinks had to go and then sugar.

I'm not trying to lose things (weight, unhealthy habits, addictions) – I'm aiming to gain things (health, energy, confidence, freedom etc).

Next is eating clean and more exercise. Any advice or tips?

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