Pastel Pink Hair Tutorial

Pastel Pink Hair Tutorial

First you need to have blonde hair – either bleached or natural.  I bleached mine myself but I would recommend that you go to a hairdresser or an expert.   The bleach is very destructive and can damage and even melt your hair.  My hair was dark brown with an auburn hue which is one of the most trickiest to get pale blonde.  To reduce damage I bleached for a shorter than recommended time and left over a weeks gap between bleaches. After the first week my hair went bright orange which happens to everyone bleaching their hair from dark so be ready:)  I used Jerome  Russell Bblonde kit to bleach and Special Effects cupcake pink to dye.

The paler your hair is the more the pink will show.  The pink dye is vegetable based and so won’t damage your hair.

You will need:

  • Gloves
  • Plastic Mixing bowl
  • Tint brush
  • Sectioning comb
  • Hair dye – I used special effects cupcake pink
  • White conditioner
  • Shower cap
You will need:

Gloves, plastic mixing bowl, tint brush, sectioning comb and dye

Steps For Pastel Hair

I mixed my Special Effects hair dye in a non metallic bowl with a lot of white conditioner -far more conditioner than dye.

A rough way to gauge the colour is to mix it a few shades darker than you want it.  Stir thoroughly then paint it onto your hair with the tint brush taking care not to miss spots.

I let it work its mojo from underneath a plastic shower cap which kept the conditioner from drying out.

I washed it out after about three hours and was left with a very pastel subtle pink. The conditioner helps undo any bleach damage and left my hair soft .  If you want intense colour don’t mix it with conditioner and you can leave it over night.  It takes a bit of trial and error to find the colour shade and strength that you want.

To keep your colour intense try to wash it less – use dry shampoo more often and it helps to rinse your hair in cold water.  Another tip is to add some hair dye to your conditioner to keep your colour topped up.

Pastel Pink Hair

Pastel Pink Hair


I love it!

  • I used Boots own brand conditioner
  • Special Effects Dye in Cupcake Pink I got from
  • Lipstick is Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss (which has nothing to do with hair- I just love it!)
Love my pink hair!

Love my pink hair!

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