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Light light light

I grew up in the basement level of a Victorian house which did not get much natural light.  The rooms and hallway were always very dim and we had to keep the lights switched on in the hallway all day as no natural light could get through.

Now I live on the top floor and the light is so much better.  It’s remarkable how much sunlight and brightness can change your mood and outlook and although it’s brighter than before I need more…

My dream for this cold Irish weather is to bask in sunlight while being nice and cosy indoors.  I love art and light is vitally important for painting and drawing. Photographs taken in homes with lots of natural light look amazing.  I fantasize about having a light filled studio with roof windows.  I’ve been drooling over VELUX® windows on their website.


 VELUX Windows

VELUX windowRoof windows

Photos from the VELUX-Webshop

There are loads of inspiration and project ideas on the VELUX website as well as loads of different blinds to choose from: you can even get remote-controlled blinds.  There is also a free eBook called Project Daylight which tells you about the benefits of sunlight such as vitamin D which boosts the immune system and how natural light can combat SAD and depression. They also recently ran a photography competition for lovers of light and you can see the winning entries here (and experience serious photo envy:) )


 I live by the sea and I dream of roof windows and a converted attic.  Until I have the means to make myself a sky-high sunroom I will continue to scour the net and pinterest for light-filled inspiration.  And then… I’ll have light light and more light then if the skies are grey, I could use a remote to lower the blinds and just gaze out to sea.  Now bring me that horizon!

This is a sponsored post for VELUX, however all opinions are my own!


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