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Instagram life lately

I love Instagram. The visual diary of it really appeals to me as well as its ease of use. It's a simple way to get a glimpse into people's lives – unphotoshopped and full of the clutter of every day life.

It's getting Christmassy! I won't put a tree up until December but my mantelpiece is beginning to sparkle!
Doctor who

The day of the doctor.

I saw the episode in 3d in the cinema surrounded by excited fans wearing brilliant costumes. I dragged my friend who is not a Doctor Who fan and was very amused at her puzzlement at the amount of men wearing bow ties.

Doctor who fan art by Alice x. Shang
Another doctor who related Instagram- this time showing my new print of Alice x. Zhang's 11th doctor fan art.
Abstract acrylic art
This is my most recent art project. An abstract landscape painted in acrylics.

This is me and my dog lizzie. A thousand places for her to sit and she chooses this one. There is no way for her to be physically nearer 🙂


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