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My Friend Marian has just bought a house and I’ve been living vicariously through her design ideas.  Mar is generous, and has agreed, since I’ll be her housemate, that I can decorate my bedroom myself.  Whooo! However I have been totally distracted by her kitchen for some reason and I’ve discovered that my other friends are too.  It seems we all have our dream ‘imaginary kitchens’ with specific design styles.  Mine is countryish/pastel with mismatched furniture and rustic … rusticness. Another friend prefers a clean look with red focus points and Marian – who is the only one with their own kitchen – prefers retro with Lime, orange and blue focus points.

I’ll admit that when Marian described her design the first thing I thought was that the 70’s had been and had thrown up in her kitchen but the more I look, the more I like.  Here are some of the kitchen designs I’ve come across in lime, oranges and blue.

Clockwise from Up. Left: Lindsey Gates,, Better Homes and Gardens ,House

And, once the colour scheme is decided, the accessory shopping will begin.
Coasters: Brooklin Girl on Etsy, Ceramic wall ducks from Prince Design Uk,  Melamine bicycle from Little Korboose, Herb planters from ArtGlamourSligo,  Bowls, Whimsical Bird Ceramic Plate from makingtimetc .
I stumbled across this ready-made collage in the, almost impossible to find, colours of lime, turquoise and orange from Outblush.

There we go; lots of inspiration and it turns out not so hideous as I thought.

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