Inspire me

Inspire Me June

  • Flash Fiction competition: You can read the 22 varied and beautiful flash fictions on writer Carmel Harringtons Blog.  Take a break and have a cup of tea and read through the entries:)
  • Here you can find the Facebook heart of the Irish bloggers.  Take a look here and explore🙂

Rapter at a wedding

Charlotte and Jane

  • Found on The Rock&Roll Tea Party Facebook page.  Follow them for gorgeous vintage clothes and style ideas and you can buy your Pin Up outfits from them.  I’m currently drooling over this:
pin up fashion

Lovely vintage Pin up dress


  • Follow this Facebook page and you’ll be full of the giggles 😀   The whimsical and bizarre accompanying explanations from Chris(Simpsons artist) are the best part.  Read them.  Do it.
Funny comic

Crazy LOLZ from this new Facebook artist

Before I go here is a little Haiku I wrote dedicated to summer:


The daylight stretches

like a satisfied cat:

Time to shave my legs.


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