Dreaming of wet weather

Bray beach in summer

We are currently experiencing a heat wave with constant sunlight and blue skies.  The kind of weather I have always been hoping for but can’t actually cope with, so naturally I am dreaming of rain.

Here in Ireland we have thousands of words for rain: damp rain, wet rain, sideways rain, spring rain, drizzle.  We say its lashing, pouring, and drizzling damp.  A wet morning.  A soft day.  Lovely weather for ducks.  Good day for the roses.  Fresh. Bracing.

Circus photo irish

Some days I can’t tell the sea from the sky.  Some days the clouds hang so low they sweep the hill tops.  Some mornings mist swallows the world- the mountains vanish overnight.  Grey skies mean richer photos.  Grey sky means deeper colours- richer flowers.  I take those as days to look down.  Rockpools.  Flowerbeds.  Cobblestones.  Riverbeds.

 Chair swings

These are days for soup and crusty bread.  Soft slippers.  Magazines and fox-eared novels.  For mist speckled eyelashes.  Light flares off raindrops on windows.   Scarves and fingerless gloves.  Thick mugs with curling steam.  Lamp light.

Oh who am I kidding! The moment it actually rains I will start praying for another heatwave! 🙂

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