Etsy Shop and blog design

I am never happy with my blog design.  As soon as I think I’ve finished customizing it I find a blog that sends me into spins of jealousy and I have to remake mine again.  I think I’ve finally finished it – or at least I’m not allowing myself any more changes.
I’ve made a resolution to stop blog browsing and procrastinating and just do it.  Accept that blog envy is part of the process and be happy with my own (There are a few areas of my life I could apply that to)

My Etsy shop

And I’ve finally started my Etsy shop.  Go visit!  There’s nothing in it but the basics are there and it will be stocked soon – provided I can get past shop envy 🙂

Ps I am almost irrationally attached to my new Gorjuss notebook.  I absolutely adore every single on of her designs and can’t stop buying them.

{Via Etsy}

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