Recession busting

Recession busters.
I like to imagine myself as a thrifty frontier woman who can make shoes and pie out of paper clips and recycled newspaper. Reality is sometimes I just could not be arsed. I have holes in my pjs and more unused craft ideas then there are country songs and sometimes I just eat nutella for dinner and tea. However I am all about saving money, particularly since I have none in the first place. I’ve begun to collect frugal tips like eight yeas olds collect My Little
Ponys (or ASBOS as the case may be). I’m a frugal hoarder like those crazy cat ladies who have 14000 unused tissue boxes. “I’ll use them! I swear!”
Here are some of the latest tips I like to imagine myself bothering to do ūüôā


Homemade cleaners

Homemade cleaners

1. Antibacterial spray/ 2. Homemade fabric softener / 3. Make your own eye-glass cleaner / 4. Gunk remover

/ 5. Diy Natural Room scents / 6. Cleaning stainless steel


Frugal food diys

Frugal food DIYS

1.Blackcurrent cordial (Ribena) / 2. Homemade tomato sauce   / 3. Cinnamon sauce  / 4. Homemade cocoa  / 5. Mayonnaise  / 6.  Homemade basil pesto


Frugal beauty diys

Frugal beauty diys

1.Homemade face wash   / 2. DIY Make up cleansing towels / 3. Homemade beach hair spray 

/ 4. Homemade excema cream/ 5. Lemon hair lightener /6. Homemade handwash


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