Painting Ceramics


Decorating Ceramic Plates

You can draw directly onto the ceramic surface or you can transfer a design using carbon paper. The pencil marks will be burned off in the kiln.  The important thing is to have fun, so don’t stress about being exact.  I just ran wild with colour but I really like the effect.

The paint and the biscuits!  Both Important!

I did this plate with Make A Memory Ceramic Studio here in Wicklow, which was brill! I caught up with the girls for a chat, had biscuits (very important) and made stuff! There were loads of options to paint, like children’s characters, ornaments, ceramic animals and cups and saucers. It meant I could gossip AND achieve something.  Perfect:)

Me and the Kiln

We saw the Kiln shed which is the warmest place in Ireland at the moment, I could have fallen asleep like a cat in it.  I’m thinking of getting one for my bedroom, just for the cosiness.

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