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Inspirational Instagram users to follow

Here a some brilliant people to follow on instagram.  My feed is a wonderful hodgepodge of artists,  photographers, bakers and stylists and all the different and beautiful ways people see their world.

Humanitarian Instagram

Heartbreaking and sometimes moving, these instagram accounts show a deep and heartfelt side to life.  Sometimes people and culture says that instagram is just for hipsters and fashionistas: these accounts say different.

Aid Worker Kathryn Mahony

“I’m Kathryn, an aid worker for The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). This is life in Yida refugee camp-the most remote camp in South Sudan & maybe the world.”   Moving and heartfelt observations from every day life in a refugee camp.


Photo by katheryn Mahony

Photo by katheryn Mahony

“… the man on the left began singing out of nowhere…Through translation, I learned he was singing about his youth as a shepherd– a time when he was responsible for ensuring the safety of his herd…
He sung that it was during this time that he learned bravery and kindness.
After the completion of his song, an interpreter explained that all members of the Dinka tribe have what he called their own “song poem” that people share at the beginning of meetings as inspiration and encouragement to particip
ate… “

The UN Refugee Agency Instagram

“We are the UN Refugee Agency. Follow us as we provide vital aid and protection to the forcibly displaced.”  Their instagram account shows portraits of the people they meet along with a brief description of the circumstances behind them.  The photos are sensitively done and the photographer lets the strength of the people shine through.


Portrait of refugee Aramata Maiga

Portrait of refugee Aramata Maiga

Aramata Maiga, 60, lost two sons in one week when Islamist separatists started clashing with the Malian army in April 2012. Her first son, a solider, was one of the first people in Gao to die as the conflict began to rage.


“UNICEF works around the world to promote children’s right to survive & thrive. ”  It can be a shock in my pretty instagram feed to see some of the photos from UNICEF but I think it is important to remember there are people who are living in darkness and fear. The only way to change their circumstances is to bring it to the light and not hide it away.  To not hide the kids away.


Pakistan,A boy flies a kite in a camp for people displaced by flooding

Pakistan,A boy flies a kite in a camp for people displaced by flooding


  Pakistan: A boy flies a kite in a camp for people displaced by flooding that began in late July 2010, affecting 18 million people, half of them children. 


The Explorers on Instagram

Lena Rin:  A breathtaking feed


Beautiful photography from Lena Rin

Lena Rin’s feed is breathtaking.  The places she photographs are like another world




National Geographic


Photo by @randyolson

Story on Indus civilization. Two hunters stand waiting for birds to land so they can net them. They carve out headresses and masks as decoys and lure in unsuspecting fowl.

The Artists on Instagram


Mark Ryden   

 He shows the process of his art which is fascinating and a brilliant way of learning.

Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden

Audry Kawasaki

close-up of 'I Want to Play' painting from 2009 for Baby Tattooville.

Close-up of ‘I Want to Play’ painting from 2009 for Baby Tattooville.

Audrey Kawasaki’s feed is fascinating as are her paintings and drawings.

Dilka Bear

Illustrations by Dilka Bear

Illustrations by Dilka Bear

   Dilka Bear  Wonderful quirky artist.  I love when her illustrations pop up in my feed.

Helice Wen


Wip on a piece by Helice Wen

Wip on a piece by Helice Wen

Helice Wen is an illustrator who lives in San Fransisco.  I love her delicate pencil drawings.  Find her at

The Irish on Instagram

Photographs by Catherine Drea

Photographs by Catherine Drea


Foxglove lane(Catherine Drea)  Beautiful photographs of rural Ireland.  Her photographs always inspire me to go out and just be in nature, even on the coldest days.   Find her at Foxglove Lane.

Mark Grehan:

Small winter arrangement

Small winter arrangement


Mark Grehan is a landscape designer and creative florist.  He takes lovely vignettes of his flower arrangements.



Eadaoin Conneally

Photo by City of Blackbirds

Photo by City of Blackbirds


Beautifully poetic and sensitive  images from Irish photographer and blogger Eadaoin.  She blogs at City of Blackbirds

Yasser Abu-Ghdaib

Dublin photographs by Yasser  Abu-Ghdaib

Dublin photographs by Yasser Abu-Ghdaib

Yasser is a Palestinian living in Ireland.  His photographs make me re-examine the way I look at my surroundings and to see the beauty in the every day.

And then there’s me:) You can see the full list of inspirational people I follow on my Instagram as well as my wonky illustration attempts and too many photos of cake:)

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