I’m sick and contrary

quote2I’m sick so I’ve made myself a fort on the sofa.  Yes it looks odd and yes, I am a thirty year old woman but I’ve learned to do what it takes to feel better. I have a long history of this sort of behaviour.  Once in my teens I was a waitress in a fancy hotel.  I caught glandular fever -mono (which by the way, if you are talking to my parents is something you catch from sharing glasses and not kissing young men behind the speakers at the disco) . I was supposed to set up the room for lunch but instead I wrapped myself in my coat and sat at the back of the room wedged in beside the radiator.  The manager was not pleased but I stayed in my nest shivering fitfully.  Mono lasted longer than that job.

Through whooping-cough, pneumonia, fevers, flu, viruses and colds, this is my go-to method to feel better.  Wrapped up in a warm nest with PJ’s, fluffy blankets and a hot water bottle: like a butterfly in a cocoon, I shall reemerge when I have recovered.  And Happy New Year, love Sarah Jane.

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