Hurry up and grow

  In another attempt  at a more creative life, I have taken up gardening.  Starting from seeds I am trying to grow my own kitchen veggies.  I planted a mixture of lettuce, aubergines, herbs and flowers but only in pots.  My dog Lizzie, while adorable, does not make it possible to grow veg in the ground.  Or at least I wouldn’t eat anything that did. 

      As well as digging, rolling in the flower beds and messing in them, she also eats plants.  Roses are her favorite but she enjoys anything with flowers- provided they’re not weeds.  She turns up her nose at any – so much for my idea of using her as an eco-friendly weed remover.

So all this means I’m working on a container garden within the normal garden (which I’m ignoring because it seems like hard work) and letting the rest run free.  All is going well except that I forgot to label the seeds.  I have no idea what is growing where, and since all there is are small green shoots it will be a while till I know whats where.  Elementary mistake – still there are some lovely tutorials for making labels on the  net.  Wish I had seen these before I started.

Fabulous vintage spoon labels at Shrimp Salad Circus

Fun cork labels at My Chic Life

Lovely labels made from recycled materials at Childmade Tutorials
Tutorial to make metal labels at 10 Minutes Each Day In An Unreasonable Manner

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