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Spooky walk in the Wicklow Forests

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Gloomy greens and rain grey skies.  I felt so far removed from the world in these woods.  The roads were silent, the forest still.  I will admit that it felt a bit like the Blair Witch Project at times and when my friend wandered off to explore it felt like I was the only person in the world.

A few branches cracked in the undergrowth beside me and my brain began to devise escapes.  Running was out of the question (I run with the grace and speed of a drunken penguin), so I decided to use my camera as a weapon. I was working out how exactly when my friend arrived back.

It’s worrying how quickly my brain switches from oh what a lovely flower‘ to probable homicidal maniac lurking in bushes behind me’.

The photos I took were slightly underexposed which captured the atmosphere pretty well.  I started off on the walk intending to take some bright July nature photos unfortunately the weather and location had a different idea.


The place is called Kindlestown Forest and is in Co. Wicklow.  The area is a nature reserve with old forlorn ruins, an iron age tomb and abundant spookyness. There is a specially adapted nature trail for wheelchair users which is beautiful and a brilliant addition.  It is 1km long and loops from and to the car park.  I will visit again to take some pictures of the buildings – when I build up the courage to.

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