DIY Paintbrush Holder

DIY Paintbrush Holder

DIY paintbrush holder

I’m on an Art storage binge.  Here is the first of a series of posts on DIY art and craft storage. This is a very simple paint brush holder to make.  All you need is scrap wood and a drill.

DIY Paint Brush Holder


  • I used wood glue to stick my two wood scraps together to make a bigger base.  I let it dry for about half an hour before getting to work with my trusty drill.
  • I used five different drill bit sizes and drilled away without order – I like the rustic look.

DIY paintbrush holder

  • I test fitted with my paint brushes as I went then sanded the block to smooth it.
  • I also left space to add future paintbrushes.
  • Thats it!
DIY Paintbrush holder

Using my DIY Paintbrush holder

I love this.  And it’s embarrassingly simple too!  Keep an eye out as I’m on a DIY Storage Craze and will be posting more soon!

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