DIY Giant Wall Photo Strip

Giant photostrip

DIY giant photostrip

DIY Giant Photostrip Picture Tutorial


  • Go to Kodak’s Big App and upload your photo.
  • The maximum size photo you can use is 15MBs or 4095 x 4095 pixels.
  • Download the PDF file and print out.  Set your printer to print full pages.
  • Cut off any borders – if you have them.


  • Number the pages on the back to prevent confusion.
  • Use a spirit measure and/or rulers to find your base line.
  • Start placing your pages on the wall from the bottom up.
  • Place a thin layer of  glue on the back of the page and place carefully into position.


  • When you are happy with the position brush over with a dry brush to smooth out any bubbles and wrinkles.
  • When all the pages are up you can paint over with the glue to seal and protect it.
  • You can print out your own personalised wallpaper or giant posters.  Have fun with it!
From tiny to giant!

From tiny to giant!

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