Diy Beauty Treatments

I love beauty treatments but hate the expense.  To aid me in recession busting beautification I have rounded up … DIY beauty treatments from around the web.  Try them and enjoy:)

 Images for DIY beauty treatments

  1. DIY Lavender & Chamomile Bath Melts
  2. Egg Whites and Yogurt Mask
  3. Homemade Lotion Bars
  4. Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub
  5. Olive Oil scrub
  6. Vitamin C Toner
  7. Diy Burts Bees Lip balmImages for Diy Beauty list post
  8. Moisture-packed beauty productsImages for DIY beauty list
  9. Facial moisturizer
  10. 3 Simple homemade lipbalms
  11. Hair cleanser
  12. 15 Natural Beauty Recipes Using Everyday Foods
  13. DIY Bath Bombs
  14. Solid perfume tutorial
  15. Brightening Skin toner
  16. Diy scalp treatment
  17. Homemade coconut milk shampoo
  18. Homemade bubble baths
  19. Make your own nail polishImages for DIY beauty list
  20. Avocado anti-aging mask
  21. Lavender sugar scrub
  22. Clay face masks
  23. Tanning with tea
  24. Healing heel crack salve
  25. Face oil cleansing Method
  26. Olive Oil ScrubBeauty DIY images
  27. Vanilla sugar body scrub
  28. Natural Skincare
  29. Homemade makeup remover
  30. Chamomile eye and skin calmer

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