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I watched President Obama’s speech today with amazement.  No one talks as well as he does, he really is inspiring. He sounded genuinely moved during his speech, and I know the crowd was.  Spent the rest of the day uplifted.  “Is feidir linn!”

Always Chrysti  ~ Stumbled on this blog today.  Chrysti lists 100 ways to recycle old magazines – something I have a lot of.  Have fun making crafty stuff, get rid of some clutter and get the lovely warm feeling of superiority that comes with pretending to care for the environment 😉
 I had a look around the blog and I think its already one of my favorites.

Am I the last to hear about craftgawker? I’m intrigued.
Oh god theres dwelling gawker and wedding gawker too.  I already spent too long on Pinterest, I can’t afford any more addictive websites!  There comes a point where I need a life……. food gawker !!!! Screw it.

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