Crafting with creative bases

A pic of the house I made using Stamps Away’s creative bases.

Turns out even I can make  one – and I have the dexterity and patience of an angry shrimp (if you don’t know your crustaceans; that’s not much.).

The strange thing is that the bases, as well as a box-load of other craft supplies were given to me by a complete stranger. Long story short is turns out that the woman who is a carer for my aunt saw a card I gave her (my aunt) and thought of her Mother who had just died.  It seems the woman’s mother was an avid crafter and had left a room full of supplies, so the carer boxed them up and gave them to me.  It was a lovely generous idea. I find myself trying to piece together who this woman was  by looking at her craft supplies.
Things I know about this woman:

  • She had a dedicated craft room
  • she never opened the packets of new things just to look at them
  • she liked blue and loved adhesive stones
  • She made cards for every occasion
  • She shopped on the Internet
  • We have the same taste in inks and stamps
The weird thing is I find myself making more effort when I make things.  I think what would she think and I remember all those carefully unopened packages.
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