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An important part of any art course is learning to keep an Artist Journal.  Inside you should keep pictures and photos that inspire you, techniques and styles you tried and want to try and ideas.  It’s important to do this in any creative area – whether painting, art, ceramics, writing, photography and everyday living- and the more you do the better and more skilled you will be. Artists use notebooks to collect ideas and inspiration.  You can look back over journals from years back and be inspired to make new work.

Reasons to Keep an Artist Journal:

Keep photos and pictures that inspire you

Put pictures of techniques/styles you want to try out for yourself

Jot ideas or scribbles that occur to you at random times so you can develop them at a later stage

Practice techniques

Maintain your creativity by making it a habit

Note down web addresses or names to look up artists later

Grow your skills through practice

Keep track of your progress

This is just for you – do not censor your work and ideas

Use it as a resource for your work



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Art Journals By Anna Rusakova

Journal 2

Rejean Pellerin


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