35 Simple Tips to boost your mood

35 ways to stay positive
I have found through experience that positivity has to be worked on, like a skill you need to learn.  Small steps can have big effects and as long as you keep fighting, positivity will come to you.I’m no expert in this area and I am always looking for more ways to feel happy and calm however the list below shows some of the techniques and tips I use to improve my mood.

Here are 35 ways to help reduce stress and improve your mood:

  1. Avoid negativity – both situations and people.
  2. Incorporate nature into your daily life
  3. Be kind to yourself
  4. Socialise and stay connected with people
  5. Be tired at night- do something that physically tires you.
  6. Try mindfulness or yoga – living in the moment has been proved to have a positive effect on your mood and stress levels.  Download free mindfulness exercises here
  7. Be creative – discover what you love. Rekindle the childhood loves you lost – art or maths or dance – whatever the child in you wants.
  8. Watch those negative thoughtspositive thoughts have been shown to aid healing and boost moods.
  9. You can do anything – first you need to Believe In Yourself.
  10. Avoid stimulants and drink camomile tea to stay relaxed.
  11. Eat Fruit and Veg and try to eat foods that improve your mood.
  12. Learn to meditate
  13. Learn something new -small changes every day build up into achievements fast!
  14. Encourage yourself
  15. Make a list of all the things that make you happy then do them often.
  16. Do not compare yourself with others
  17. Surround yourself with beauty
  18. Nature heals
  19. Everyone needs help – know when you need to ask for it.
  20. Find your purpose and work towards your goals.  You will find that the process itself is beneficial so set measurable goals – try “I will save money by not…” instead of “I’m going to get rich…” Find lots of free printable planners at the Peaceful Mom Blog.
  21. Pay attention to what your body is saying . We hold a lot of stress in our body, pain can be a signal that you need help.
  22. Be eccentric – free yourself from acting like you think people think you should.
  23. Be unashamedly enthusiastic
  24. Pay attention to what you think-  catch those negative thoughts.
    If you are suddenly in a bad mood question why.   What led to the change? Be honest.  If it is a person or situation that crops up regularly, maybe you need to make a change.  LifeHacker has an excellent post about the science behind a bad mood and what you can do about it.
  25. Collect things – Be an explorer of the world Look at your surroundings with an explorers eye.  Keri Smith‘s blog is inspirational – she will make you see everything differently AND it’s fun! Go check it out
  26. Be kind – helping others has been proven to reduce stress –see bellasugar     Try Join Me :The Karma Army has now been going for getting on ten years… good people committed to performing one random act of kindness a week, being nice for the sake of… well… just being nice. People do good deeds – some secret, some public – they chat on the forums, they meet up around the country, and once a year we all end up in a pub after a properly fun day of random acts of kindness…”
  27. Admit your achievements – list them ie kept up exercise, helped that stranger, baked cake etc
  28. Sleep well, work on setting up a routine
  29. LAUGH I have an oddball sense of humour but when I want to laugh I head straight for The Bloggess and then Cake Wrecks. I have literally laughed myself to tears by looking a funny cake – that is why I only look at it at home:)
  30. Get up early
  31. Be early for appointments, lose the stress
  32. Always have something to look forward to- if necessary arrange it yourself ie order something from Amazon, plan a holiday, a day off etc
  33. Get more daylight -sunlight is a natural mood booster
  34. Make time for yourself – be comfortable alone as well as in company.
  35. Be yourself and remember how amazing you are!

Remember! You can always begin again tomorrow.

Begin By Brendan Kennelly

Begin again to the summoning birds

to the sight of light at the window,

begin to the roar of morning traffic

all along Pembroke Road.

Every beginning is a promise

born in light and dying in dark

determination and exaltation of springtime

flowering the way to work.

Begin to the pageant of queuing girls

the arrogant loneliness of swans in the canal

bridges linking the past and the future

old friends passing through with us still.

Begin to the loneliness that cannot end

since it perhaps is what makes us begin,

begin to wonder at unknown faces

at crying birds in the sudden rain

at branches stark in the willing sunlight

at seagulls foraging for bread

at couples sharing a sunny secret

alone together while making good.

Though we live in a world that dreams of ending

that always seems about to give in

something that will not acknowledge conclusion

insists that we forever begin.


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